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  • DDR German Shepherds
    DDR Schäferhund, also known as East German Shepherds, have a long and distinguished history. Developed in East Germany in the early 1900s, these dogs quickly gained fame for their intelligence, loyalty and strength. They are renowned for their excellent guard-dog capabilities and have been used … Read more
  • How to Find German Shepherd for Sale Near me?
    How to Find German Shepherd for Sale Near me? With the proliferation of self-proclaimed German Shepherd breeders, locating a reliable breeder may be challenging. Over the years, we’ve discovered that finding a reputable breeder is about as likely as falling into puppy mills (beware!). However, … Read more
  • Wolf Dog German Shepherd Information with Pictures
    Wolf Dog German Shepherd Information with Pictures German Shepherds have a reputation for being scary canines. There is a reason they are commonly utilized by law enforcement and the military: they are powerful and clever and can be utterly savage when they want to be. … Read more
  • German Shepherds Bite Force
    How Strong is a German Shepherds Bite Force? How Strong is a German Shepherds Bite Force?   The phrase “bite force” refers to an animal’s biting strength. It determines the power of the animal’s jaws and hence the amount of harm it is capable of … Read more
  • German Shepherd Cost
    How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost? How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost? What is the exact German Shepherd Cost? That is a common question among prospective puppy parents, and it is important to know before committing to this breed. German Shepherds are a … Read more
  • Are German Shepherds Aggressive
    Are German Shepherds Aggressive? In the United States, German Shepherds have long been popular as household pets. They are devoted, protective, and may be trained to do a wide variety of tasks. Many individuals wonder, ‘why are German Shepherds aggressive?’, and how to deal with … Read more
  • Like German Shepherds
    What are the Dogs that Look Like German Shepherds? The German Shepherd, a popular service breed, is a big and athletic dog recognized for its intelligence, loyalty, and agility. They are devoted and hardworking dogs who are frequently used as therapy and search and rescue … Read more
  • German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix
    German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix Information with Pictures The German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix are popularly referred to as the Golden Shepherd. German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix is a playful, lively, and sociable puppy that is insatiably devoted and intelligent. He is … Read more
  • Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies 
    Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies Information with Pictures With its remarkable appearance and ease of training, the Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies are gaining popularity. The German Shepherd, with its long coat, is a popular herding dog native to Germany. Although this dog is a … Read more
    WAS STEPHANITZ A VISIONARY? Myths and facts about the creation of the German shepherd dog 1) Master Stephanitz knew few and nothing about dogs in 1899. He was learning and it took around 26 years to reach a level in what you can say he … Read more
  • train a German Shepherd
    How can I train a German Shepherd? Training a German shepherd dog is a rewarding experience and a great way to bond with your dog; however, they are powerful animals so you will need to be ready to put in the time and effort. To … Read more
  • German Shepherd Boxer Mix 
    German Shepherd Boxer Mix Information with Pictures A mixed breed, such as the German Shepherd Boxer Mix, has reAquirements that are distinct from those of its purebred parents. This guide will help you better understand the breed, how to properly care for the German Shepherd … Read more
  • German Shepherd Corgi Mix 
    German Shepherd Corgi Mix Information with Pictures German Shepherd Corgi Mix is a combination between Corgi and German Shepherd. These pups are loyal, bold, and a little bit obstinate, inheriting some of the greatest characteristics from both of their parents. German Shepherd Corgi Mix is … Read more
  • Baby German Shepherd
    Baby German Shepherd Information with Pictures Baby German Shepherd Dogs are one of the most popular breeds today, having a large following. Like any breed, they have a charming puppy period that many people adore. However, because the majority of pups are purchased between 8 … Read more
  • Panda German Shepherd 
    Panda German Shepherd Information with Pictures panda german shepherd are an intelligent, pack-oriented, and active breed that originated in Germany around the early nineteenth century. This breed gained popularity and admiration for its ability to protect cattle while maintaining a strong desire to please and … Read more
  • belgian-malinois-vs-german-shepherd
    Belgian Malinois Vs German Shepherd. Which One is Better? belgian-malinois-vs-german-shepherd The German Shepherd Dog is well-known to the general public. After all, they have consistently ranked as America’s second most popular breed. However, because of Belgian Malinois’s similar coloration and herding ancestry, some people may … Read more
  •  what color are german shepherds
    Add Your Heading Text Here different colors of german shepherds what Color are German Shepherds german shepherd coloring pages What Color Are German Shepherds? Do you believe that German Shepherd dogs come exclusively in black and tan? While black and tan German Shepherds are the … Read more
  • german-shepherd-rottweiler-mix
    German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Information with Pictures german-shepherd-rottweiler-mix With regard to mixed dogs, the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is amazing as there is no other mixed breed with two parent breeds that are very close. Both parent breeds are of German origin, renowned for their … Read more
  • What are the Ways to Train a German Shepherd Puppy?
    What are the Ways to Train a German Shepherd Puppy? When disciplining your German Shepherd, you may imagine that discipline entails paddling, food deprivation, or some other type of negative punishment that makes your dog experience the repercussions of his or her bad behaviour. However, … Read more
  • Pros & Cons of Dwarf German Shepherd 
    Dwarf German Shepherds are what are referred to as designer dogs. They are the result of crossbreeding a purebred German Shepherd with a smaller dog, most commonly a Collie or a Poodle. The outcome is a Dwarf German Shepherd, a tiny yet adaptable and energetic … Read more
  • German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix 
    Information about the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix with Pictures What happens when we cross the devoted and massive dogs with the world’s tiniest dog? What happens when you combine the huge and abrasive with the petite and feisty? There are no two canine breeds that … Read more
  • German Shepherd Husky Mix Behaviour Information with Pictures
    Information About the Behavior of the German Shepherd Husky Mix with Pictures The German Shepherd Husky Mix dog breed is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. These pups are medium-sized, active, and loyal, acquiring several of their parents’ greatest features. Occasionally, … Read more
  • Blue German Shepherd 
    Blue German Shepherd Information with Pictures Although the German Shepherd is a highly popular dog in the United States, it is sometimes believed that these dogs come in only one hue – black and tan. Indeed, the German Shepherd comes in a variety of hues, … Read more
  • White German Shepherd Information with Pictures
    White German Shepherd Information with Pictures The White German Shepherd is distinguished by its silky white coat, athletic build, and intelligence. This unusual dog is descended from German Shepherds and shares many of its qualities, but also possesses the recessive white furred coat gene. As … Read more
  •  Black German Shepherd Information with Pictures
    Black German Shepherds are a recognized sub-breed of German Shepherds. While some believe that a black dog coat is a product of a genetic trait and others believe that dogs are a variety, we are here to tell you that it is not! Although these … Read more
    Manfred Heyne is now 85 years old. DDR SHEPHERD He has spent most of his lifetime with sheep and German Shepherd dogs. He is the most successful breeder and the most successful instructor in the SV. But hardly anyone knows him. That is the reason … Read more
  • Belgian Shepherd & Belgian Malinois
    What is this mystical herding breed, where did he come from, and what is he like? Find out all about the Belgian Shepherd Below! What is a Belgian Shepherd? As you’ve probably guessed, the Belgian Shepherd is a herding breed descending from Belgium. Though many … Read more
  • Hot weather tips!
    How to keep a German Shepherd cool: Hot weather tips! Tips for heat and dog As summer begins, many German Shepherd owners wonder how their dog will cope with the heat. They’re panting like crazy and you want to help that and stay cool, so … Read more
  • Dogs for kids?
    YES absolutely, dogs for children are important for growing up. Some people may think that a German Shepherd is not a good choice for a family with children, but the opposite is true. German Shepherds are great for many reasons, especially if you have children. … Read more