Hardly any other dog breed is as well known as the German Shepherd. Besides its courage, the German Shepherd is characterized by its loyal nature and intelligence. If you have a German Shepherd, you will find all the information you need here.

He is the “decathlete” among working dogs: The German Shepherd is enormously versatile. What drives him, what he can do and why he is so popular.

This magazine presents the German shepherd in words and pictures, his nature, his abilities and his history.

Use of the German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd is used as a herding, guard, companion, protection, service and guide dog. In addition, he enjoys special training also as a high-quality police and drug dog.

Nature of the German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd is known for its honesty, courage and loyalty. In addition, the German Shepherd is a good-natured, very attentive, calm and balanced dog. With proper training, the dog can be a very loyal friend and long-term companion to humans. The German Shepherd is not a distinctly sporting dog, but it does need a lot of exercise and physical activity, which is why long and extensive walks should be taken with the German Shepherd.

History and origin

The origins of the German Shepherd lie in Germany, where in 1899 began the systematic breeding of the breed, which had developed from short-haired and short-haired variants of Central and Southern German Shepherds. To this end, Max von Stephanitz, a lover of the German Shepherd, founded an association for the breeding of this particular breed and wrote an extensive cynological work on the German Shepherd.