Black German Shepherd

 Black German Shepherd Information with Pictures

Black German Shepherds are a recognized sub-breed of German Shepherds. While some believe that a black dog coat is a product of a genetic trait and others believe that dogs are a variety, we are here to tell you that it is not!

Although these dogs are uncommon, they have many of the same qualities and attributes as other varieties of the German Shepherd breed and are recognized for their loyalty. Black German Shepherd dogs are bred to be the ideal working dog, and many have found professions in the military, police force, and as various service dogs.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this dog, continue reading below as we discuss their background, their features, and what it’s like to care for this pup.

Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherds: Brief History

The Black German Shepherd, also known as the Black Shepherd, is not a distinct breed. The origin of this species may be traced back to Germany, hence the name. They come from a variety of breeding animals, such as the Berger Picard, to improve their working skills.

This breed gained popularity during World War I. Because the label “German” became politically incorrect, they were called American Alsatian or Shepherd dog.

Decades later, they were accepted under the name German Shepherd due to the public’s admiration for their abilities. They are fantastic family companions and may even act as a service dog for impaired folks.

Do Black German Shepherds have White Markings or Do They Change Color?

If your dog starts to turn brown or has white hair, he is not a Black Shepherd but a normal dog. Puppies of black German Shepherds are often born grey, black, or white and develop their adult color by the age of eight weeks. To be safe, bring them home around nine to 10 weeks of age.

Some Black Shepherds may have white or brown spots on their paws, legs, or chest. In some situations, it darkens as people age, although it may also remain.

White spots do not always indicate that this dog is not a purebred, since some Black German Shepherds do have them.

If you’re concerned that the markings indicate a mix, get documentation from the breeder to ensure you’re taking home a pure Black German Shepherd.

Temperament of Black German Shepherds

They are very loyal and devoted to their families. Because they are a working dog, they will believe their role is to guard you as a family and are noted for being vigilant and cautious, occasionally barking in response to perceived threat.

While human coexistence is important at any dog ​​age. Socialization is also critical when it comes to young individuals.

These puppies are extremely fun and active and enjoy being outside where they can get some exercise. Additionally, they require a high level of mental engagement, as they are highly clever and dislike being left alone.

If they are left alone for an extended amount of time, they may grow bored and display destructive tendencies; therefore, it is critical that they spend the majority of their time with humans or are properly educated to learn which actions are good.



It’s unsurprising that this black dog breed is extremely energetic and has high exercise requirements. You should exercise your Black German Shepherd for at least 60 to 90 minutes every day. This involves strolling, playing, and engaging in mental games.

Your dog will also need a large back yard to run, which means they will not get the necessary exercise if you live in a small apartment. They may develop undesirable and dangerous habits because of irritability and boredom if they do not get enough exercise.

These dogs enjoy following their owners on hikes and walks, as well as swimming, so ensure that you have the time to spend outside with them before choosing this breed.


Compatibility with Families

This fearless and devoted dog would be a terrific family pet. With a natural affinity for people, the German Black Shepherd will want to spend their days by your side and, like a working dog, they will feel a sense of responsibility to protect you. As a result, they make great security dogs or watchdogs for the family home, as they will bark when they see danger.

This pup requires plenty of exercise and would flourish in an active home eager to spend time playing with them. They’re also an excellent running or trekking buddy and do best when not left alone for extended periods of time. Again, because of their working nature, they are extremely bright and readily pick up new skills, which means you may assign them chores around the house if you like!

Despite their affectionate nature, they do require a great deal of upkeep and may be best suited to individuals who have prior experience caring for a dog of this size. They get along well with adults and children alike, although because of their innate prey drive, small children may need to be properly socialized with the dog to avoid mishaps.

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Black German Shepherd: Lifespan

The Black German Shepherd has a shorter lifespan than other breeds of German Shepherd dogs. They typically survive between 9 and 13 years.

Diet of Black German Shepherd Puppies


Due to the fact that the Black Shepherd is a huge dog, their food should be similarly substantial. It is advisable to give them food specifically designed for large dog breeds, and you should always read the back of the dog feed container to determine the right amount of food to feed your dog based on their weight.

According to experts, Black German Shepherd puppies should consume 20 calories per kilogram of body weight each day, equivalent to 1500 calories. This is about three cups of food. They should be fed three or four times a day as puppies. This is especially important in large species, as they are prone to constipation, a condition in which the stomach is swollen and twisted. As an adult, these three to four meals can be reduced to two times a day. However, if you live a busy life, this can be reduced to one meal each day.

Their diet should be nutritious and healthy. It should have all the nutrients a dog needs in this breed, including proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Although a high-quality dry kibble is a good choice, some dog owners prefer to feed their pup raw food.

If you are concerned that your German Shepherd dog is gaining weight, you may examine for ribs and see if there is a waistline visible.


Because the Black German Shepherd is such an intelligent dog, he is quite easy to teach. Due to their simplicity of training, they make excellent family dogs as well as companions for couples or people. You should begin training them at an early age and continually encourage them positively. This might involve verbal praise and delectable rewards to demonstrate their accomplishments.

Black German Shepherds can be a little obstinate, which is why they should never be punished or reprimanded. They’ll also perform much better if you give them ample opportunity to exercise prior to conducting a training session. They are also excellent investigators, which makes concealing food and enticing them to sniff them out a fascinating game to play!

As discussed previously, socializing puppies from an early age is critical. At an early age, you should expose them to as many new things as possible, including sights, noises, scents, locations, and people. The more acclimated they are to encountering something or someone new, the less likely they are to display undesirable behaviour.



If you’re fortunate enough to own a medium-coated black and tan German Shepherd, you must brush them twice a week. If your dog, on the other hand, has long hair, you’ll need to brush them every day to avoid knots and tangles from growing.

These canines do have a double coat and shed frequently. They shed more during two periods of the year and less during the rest of the year. Proper brushing will always assist with this. You may also visit a grooming service to assist control your dog’s black coat.

Brushing their teeth is important in preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but you may also offer daily chewing gum to help keep their teeth clean. Additionally, you should inspect their upright ears for dust and debris accumulation.

To ensure that grooming your black and tan German Shepherd is not traumatic for them, begin grooming them at a young age. This will show them that they have nothing to fear.



Black German Shepherd is a dedicated and loving dog that will make an amazing family member. As a working dog, this puppy will think they have a responsibility to defend you and will make an outstanding guard dog.

Although they have high grooming and exercise requirements, you will enjoy spending time outdoors with your dog playing games, and they make wonderful jogging and trekking companions. Training is very easy, so there is no need to worry.




How much is a Black German Shepherd?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $ 800 to $ 2,000 for a high-quality Black German Shepherd puppy, completely black. This costs more than the $ 500 to $ 1,500 you would expect to pay for a typical German shepherd. However, this is much cheaper than you might expect with a large dog.

Are Black German Shepherds rare?

Black German Shepherd is a pure German Shepherd and does not qualify as a distinctive breed, but stands out because of its 100% black color. German Black Shepherds are very common, and for that reason, their price is very high.

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