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German Shepherd dog

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A shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds. The strong four-legged dog impresses with the typical color of its coat, which is bred in three varieties.

German Shepherd Dog: Appearance

The Shepherd is a medium-sized working dog with an elongated build. The body is strong and muscular, but by no means massive and overweight. The chest is deep and arched, the back slopes to the hips. The height at the withers should be up to 65 cm in adult males, and the weight of the dogs is up to 40 kg. The Shepherd has a wedge-shaped head and pointed, erect ears, which give the impression of constant attention.

Coat color and texture in the GSD.

The coat of the breed is primarily utilitarian. Three varieties are bred: Longhair, Shorthair and Stockhair. The stockhaar type is the best known and is characterized by a dense undercoat and a firm topcoat. The typical color of the German Shepherd Dog is yellow with a black saddle. However, there are also brownish shades or the so-called wolf color.

The Shepherd Dog: Service Dog Number One

Originally used as a sheepdog, the breed later developed into the typical service dog for the army, customs and police – about 80 percent of all service dogs are German Shepherds. However, they are also used as rescue dogs, avalanche dogs and guide dogs. The German Shepherd is an obedient four-legged dog with strong nerves, always alert and at the same time self-confident and resilient.

Shepherd as a family member

The German Shepherd is also very popular as a family dog. Who wants to acquire a dog of this breed, however, must bring enough time and patience, because German Shepherds need more than regular walks – mental occupation is also important.

Dog sports with the German Shepherd Dog

Shepherds are ideal for protection dog sports. However, they also enjoy the tasks of working dog trials and obedience training. Dog sports that require agility and speed may also be suitable, provided your faithful four-legged friend is in top shape. Unfortunately, German Shepherds are prone to joint problems such as hip dysplasia. In addition, these four-legged friends enjoy any task that requires them to use their brains or senses. Nose work, for example, is perfect for them.