White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd Information with Pictures

White German Shepherd Information with Pictures

The White German Shepherd is distinguished by its silky white coat, athletic build, and intelligence. This unusual dog is descended from German Shepherds and shares many of its qualities, but also possesses the recessive white furred coat gene. As long as you don’t mind spending a little additional time grooming, you’ll still receive a devoted and loving German Shepherd companion.

Continue reading to learn more about this unique breed of dog and whether they could be the appropriate pup for you.

Origins of the White German Shepherd

Due to its devotion and loyalty, as well as its prowess as a herding dog, the White German Shepherd was a significant European farm animal.

The majority of early herders favoured these canines because their immaculate white coats blended perfectly with flocks of sheep and cattle, making black wolves simpler to locate amid the flock.

White Shepherds are direct relatives of the German Shepherd dog, a purebred established by Max von Stephanitz, a German army captain. Von Stephanitz’s first German Shepherd dog, Horand von Grafrath, laid the genetic groundwork for the modern German Shepherd breed.

Today’s white German Shepherd dogs descend from a line of white-coated German Shepherds that originated in Europe and were later imported to Canada and the United States. Eventually, these dogs spread over the rest of the world.



If you are new to white German Shepherds and are considering adopting one, there are a few points to consider.

One of the most compelling reasons to purchase white German Shepherd puppies is their gentler, calmer demeanour.

Other reasons given by German Shepherd white dog owners when asked why they love their dog so much are that they have a strong and protective nature, as well as a workout companion as he runs or walks with you.

On the other hand, you may want to emphasize how much exercise this dog breed demands.

This implies that if you are a sedentary individual or have a sedentary family, your dog will not be content being caged up in the house all day while you watch movies.

If you do not socialize with your dog, there is a good chance that he or she may develop a hostile attitude toward other dogs.

Ability to Herd

Any farmer or rancher would be happy to work with a white German Shepherd because of their great herding ability.

Due of their intelligence, they may be trained to herd a number of other animals utilizing natural herding tactics.

Along with herding the animals, they make outstanding watchdogs, capable of defending you and your family from injury.

It is recommended that you include your dog in your family initially, as dogs need an emotional attachment to their owners and family in order to function properly.

Utilize a whistle and hand signals to teach your dog to herd by teaching them when to begin herding, change direction, halt, and return to your side. The more work you put into training your dog, the more rewarding it will be for both of you.

Conditions of Living

White German Shepherds may live contentedly indoors or outside, as long as they receive regular exercise and human companionship.

German Shepherds adore having a place to call their own, whether they live inside the house with you or outside.

In a secure, shaded area of the back yard, a doghouse large enough for an adult white German Shepherd to stand up and turn around should be supplied. To avoid dehydration, enough freshwater should be available at all times.

Additionally, toys should be offered to keep your dog’s mind active and engaged. You must spend everyday time with your dog in order to meet all of his or her emotional demands.

Every day, they require the attention and appreciation of their owners. If you choose to keep your dog out, you will need to visit him regularly to prevent him from getting lonely, developing depression and anxiety, or, in the worst-case scenario.

Additionally, just because your dog is an outdoor dog does not mean that it is getting enough exercise; you will need to play, frisbee, walk with him, run, or even teach them to complete agility courses to keep them strong and healthy.


Training not only teaches your puppy correct behaviour, but it is also one of the most effective methods to cement your relationship with your dog.

White German Shepherds are very clever dogs who are devoted to their owners. They ranked as the third smartest dog breed in the world, are among the most trainable dogs available today.

When it comes to the White Shepherd, socialization should be a priority. While these dogs are not violent, they might be suspicious of strangers and other animals.

Introduce your dog to new locations and people and pets while he is still a puppy to avoid him being anxious in unusual circumstances.

Apart from socializing, you should concentrate on the following components of White German Shepherd dog training:

  • ‘Sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘down’ are all fundamental instructions.
  • Training in obedience (e.g., walking beside you while on a leash).
  • Inhibition of biting.
  • Toilet training.

To keep your White Shepherd motivated, training sessions should be brief yet engaging.

Consistency in training and the use of positive reinforcement – such as praise and prizes for appropriate behaviour – will always produce the greatest results when teaching your White German Shepherd puppy.

You may also seek assistance from a local trainer in modifying your puppy’s behaviour. Local pet stores frequently offer ads for puppy socialization lessons and basic training classes.

Additionally, these programmes give an excellent chance for your puppy to interact with other dogs and meet new people.


Taking Care of your White German Shepherd

The majority of German Shepherds have dense, thick fur that requires frequent grooming. At least once a day, brush your white German Shepherd dog’s coat thoroughly to maintain it smooth and tangle-free.

Regular brushing can help remove dead hair from the coat and keep shedding under control, as German White Shepherds are great shedders.

Bathe your dog at least once a month, or as necessary. To prevent your dog’s skin from getting dry, use a mild shampoo. Consult your veterinarian if you want to bathe your dog more than once a month.

Brush your ‘All White German Shepherd’s’ teeth every day to maintain optimum dental hygiene. Once a month, his nails should be examined and clipped. Once you hear your puppy’s nails scraping the floor, bring out the clippers.

The ears of a White Shepherd should be properly examined for discharge or irritation and then cleaned regularly.


Diet of White German Shepherd

The majority of adult German Shepherds require up to 2200 calories per day to maintain their energy levels. You may give your White German Shepherd between three and five cups of high-quality dog food daily to ensure he receives all the nutrients he requires.

Divide this amount of food into three to four equal pieces and offer the food throughout the day. Reduce the risk of constipation by giving your dog small, regular meals and avoiding hard work after eating.

As is the case with other large dogs, the ‘All White German Shepherd’ requires a diet that is high in protein and fat and low in carbs.

Protein is necessary for the white German Shepherd dog’s bones and joints to remain healthy, while fat and carbs give energy to your dog.

Adding tiny amounts of healthy food to white German Shepherd puppies’ diet, such as cooked veggies, eggs, and yogurt, might also be useful. Table scraps should be offered in moderation since they might upset your dog’s tummy.



Is this Shepherd a good match for you?

A black and white German Shepherd is a devoted and friendly dog who enjoys being outside and spending time with its family. You will fall for this adorable ball of fur’s attractions.

If you lead an active lifestyle, the black and white German Shepherd is the ideal companion for you, especially given this dog’s strong activity level. While the German Shepherd dog is not the ideal companion for couch potatoes, it will fit in well with families with children of all ages.

Despite his pleasant demeanour, he may not be the best dog for those who are unfamiliar with huge, independent breeds. This Shepherd is also not a suitable choice for anybody allergic to dander.

How much does a White German Shepherd cost?

The cost of a White German Shepherd puppy, on average, is between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500. In general, you can expect to pay near the high end of the White German Shepherd puppies scale as it is rare. These unique colored puppies cost over $ 1000.

Does white German Shepherd Husky mix exist?

The white German shepherd husky mix is ​​a hybrid dog cross between a white German shepherd and a Siberian husky. This breed offers you the best of both the white German shepherd and the incredibly pure Siberian husky and the combination of good qualities each dog has.