German Shepherd Husky Mix Behaviour Information with Pictures

Information About the Behavior of the German Shepherd Husky Mix with Pictures The German Shepherd Husky Mix dog breed is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. These pups are medium-sized, active, and loyal, acquiring several of their parents’ greatest features. Occasionally, the Shepsky is referred to as the Gerberian Shepsky. Despite …

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Dog in water

Hot weather tips!

How to keep a German Shepherd cool: Hot weather tips! Tips for heat and dog As summer begins, many German Shepherd owners wonder how their dog will cope with the heat. They’re panting like crazy and you want to help that and stay cool, so what do you do? Here’s what you can do about …

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Dogs for kids?

YES absolutely, dogs for children are important for growing up. Some people may think that a German Shepherd is not a good choice for a family with children, but the opposite is true. German Shepherds are great for many reasons, especially if you have children. The German Shepherd is one of the first dog breeds …

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